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"The McKay Interview"

The McKay Interview was founded on a simple idea in April 2013: that radio listeners in the Geneva region of Switzerland, and beyond, would tune in regularly to listen to intelligent yet relaxed, English-language conversation between me and people who I find interesting and who do interesting things.

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All the “Interviews” conducted since then are listed and available below. You will see that a variety of prominent and thoughtful people have accepted my invitation and a wide range of topics have been covered.

I hope you enjoy listening:


ACI Europe

Airport: The Interview | Olivier Jankovec by Michael McKay
(26th October 2021)

Olivier Jankovec, Director General of ACI EUROPE, interviewed for the first time by Michael McKay, founder of McKay's Interview and Former Chair of the British-Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Geneva.


ACI EUROPE Annual Congress 2020 - Interview with Debora MacKenzie - 
(November 2020)

Deborah Mackenzie has  been covering emerging diseases for more than thirty years as a science journalist for titles such as the New Scientist.  She has been writing about Covid-19 from the start and was among the first journalists to suggest that it could become a pandemic.

This interview was recorded in November 2020 for the Airports Council International/ACI EUROPE’s Annual Congress 2020.

It includes very pertinent remarks such as:

“People on airplanes were to Covid-19 what the mosquito is to malaria.”

“… we know there will be more pandemics….”.

“I wouldn’t say bats are to blame: they didn’t ask to be hunted and sold, or for their droppings to be turned into so-called medicine!”

“It’s no mystery what works and what doesn’t. Other countries did not lock down firmly enough at first to get case numbers down, then they re-opened when numbers were still too high to contain the virus, and/or they didn’t do a very good job of testing and quarantining cases and contacts and cases rose again…”

“Covid is not a one-off!”


DOW Chemical Company

DOW Chemical Company - Equally Unique – 2021
(30th September 2021)