Case Studies

A company was involved in a major international merger involving companies with widely divergent corporate and ethnic cultures.

Employees were apprehensive, uncertain, demoralised. The task was to create a process which motivated them, kept them abreast of the change and the reasons for it, and made them feel involved in the challenges and opportunities ahead.


A client company worked in an industry which was being subjected to a punitive tax regime.

Neither policy makers nor the media understood the fact of the direct link between high taxation and incentives for criminal smuggling and contraband networks.

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A leading company in an embattled industry was in danger of losing its freedom to market to and communicate with its worldwide consumers.

The programme was predicated upon the fact that the issue was not just the well-being of one company or one industry but the far wider, more serious issue of freedoms in general. None of the policy-making elite nor opinion formers in the media fully understood this. To remedy the situation a series of high profile ‘Freedoms conferences’ were created to shift the debate to the subject of freedom and to develop wider understanding of the dynamic between incremental legislative and regulatory restrictions upon an overall loss of freedom. Hosted by leading independent academic institutions and think tanks, and attracting distinguished speakers and audiences, these conferences markedly changed the tone and tempo of the debate. Conferences were held in London, Brussels, Berlin and Paris. They were supplemented by a follow-up series of quarterly lunches in each capital, and publications.

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