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Michael McKay spent twenty three years in the toughest of international businesses, tobacco, holding senior positions in marketing, corporate affairs and external relations. In the mid-1980's and early 90's he created his own management consulting firm in Zug, Switzerland, with a clientele of blue-chip companies including well-known Swiss banks and prominent firms in other sectors.

As an independent advisor and founder of McKay’s consulting firm, he has addressed on behalf of corporate clients issues such as better regulation; the defence of freedom of choice, effective anti-contraband and anti-counterfeiting strategies, leveraging high-level networks in the Middle East, counselling senior executives on better management of the external environment and effective government relations, enhancing corporate reputation as well as managing communication problems that accompany change management strategies. His consulting work has been carried out in many European capitals.

Mr. McKay has been an occasional guest lecturer at the University of Geneva's and the University of Fribourg's MBA programmes and at the Judge Business School, University of Cambridge. He is also a regular speaker at NATO Advanced Research Workshops; and is a non-executive Director of MEC International Ltd., London.

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